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Report: Arena to WPXI in Pittsburgh

Joe Arena’s landing spot in Pittsburgh is now known.

According to something called TVNewsCheck, the Channel 4 “Wake Up!” co-anchor is headed to a similar post at WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh, an NBC affiliate owned by Cox Broadcasting.

Joe Arena: Top 25 Market

The move has Arena leaving a market that recently fell out of the Top 50 for  the 23rd-TV market in the country.

As previously reported here, Arena’s last day at Channel 4 is Friday. He starts in Pittsburgh on Oct.22, according to TVNewsCheck, which added that he also will co-anchor the noon news.



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10 responses to "Report: Arena to WPXI in Pittsburgh"

  1. Tina says:

    Another one bites the dust. Is it possible that Jackie and Don will be the last ones standing after all of this or could they be gone soon as well? Just a thought.

  2. Tom W. says:

    Or will Joe’s last day be Thursday? Only reason I ask that is because the last time an anchor was supposed to leave the station on a Friday (Melissa Holmes), 4 gave her the boot on Thursday instead.

    • Shooter guy
      I think they gave Missy the boot a day early because they didn’t want her giving a sappy good-bye on the air..
      It may have been different if she was leaving town. She just moved up the street a ways….

  3. Larry says:

    If Lin doesn’t want to spend money on talent why don’t they just sell?

    • The simple answer is capitalism. Why spend any more money than you have to? Channel 4 is successful in the Nielsens (even against the extremely well-funded competition) and profitable (its entire weekend lineup, other than the CBS sports stuff, is all infomercials). Not that I agree with it, but in today’s media environment, you take a profitable station and you milk it for all it’s worth.

  4. JaMiE says:

    I think channel 4 will survive without Joe arena.

  5. Tom W. says:

    Good point. LIN Media seems to like becoming how Granite Broadcasting is. Cheap on talent and not willing to spend. Only difference is that LIN can afford to spend some cash and usually won’t with 4 as of late. Granite can’t afford to spend much with 7.

    My guess is that it’s more of a management issue.

  6. Mike says:

    From all account Joe was lucky to have a job. He didn’t want to do the social media and was not very good at his job. Let’s see if he gets away with that in Pittsburgh!

    • alanp says:

      I almost deleted this because it seemed like a plant from an insider. I don’t know where you are getting “from all account.” He was fine on the air.

    • Tom W. says:

      If Joe wasn’t that great at his job, there would be no way he’d be making the move to a top 25 market. He’d be moving down to something between 100-200 most likely.

      Sounds like you are one of the insiders at 4 which has LIN sending in consultants because the management is really screwed up.

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