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Twitter Is Source for Debate Reviews and News About Ch.4

Now I know how President Obama and Mitt Romney probably feel after a debate.

Most likely, they are thinking “I wish I had said…” about various topics.

On Sunday morning, I was on WBEN’s “Hardline” with Dave Debo and asked for predictions on who would win Sunday’s Bills game and tonight’s final presidential debate.

I picked the Bills to win because they were playing at home against Tennessee but added I wouldn’t bet on it because the NFL is a crazy league these days. Wrong.

I wouldn’t pick a debate winner. That’s where I really went wrong.

Ed Drantch

“I should have said” the winners are going to be Twitter and Saturday Night Live.

Twitter really has become the go-to-place for these debates, with the winner announced in snarky comments about the nominees as the debates go on.

Long before CBS’ John Dickerson, NBC’s Chuck Todd or ABC’s Matthew Dowd weigh in tonight, the social network world will declare a winner.

Twitter declared President Obama the big loser in the first debate, with the help of Obama supporter Bill Maher. Maher’s derisive tweets said more than any network commentator could have said. The President’s win in the second debate was also clear on Twitter when he was welcomed back by Maher and other supporters.

It can take a few days for “Saturday Night Live” to weigh in. This past Saturday, Tom Hanks played a funny cameo in the cold open that poked fun at all the questioners from Long Island in the last debate.

It wasn’t the first time that “SNL” has poked fun at the supposed undecided voters in this election. In a very funny skit weeks ago, it pretty much called the voters who will decide the election idiots.

You’d have to be an idiot to listen to Fox News, MSNBC or WBEN polls to declare a winner since viewers or listeners to those channels are predisposed to root for the nominee they support. In Fox and WBEN’s case, that is Romney. In MSNBC’s case, it is President Obama. Further evidence of Obama’s loss in debate one was the loud disappointment of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews in the President’s performance.

Considering the importance of the final debate tonight, I suspect the broadcast network analysts will be more reluctant than usual to call a winner. 

There is a debate over how much the debates matter. Clearly, debates do matter even if debate winners don’t always matter much. According to the poll, Romney’s win in the first debate appears to have mattered much more than President Obama’s win in the second one. Incumbents often have lost first debates, but not as badly as President Obama. If neither nominee stumbles badly tonight, the third debate won’t matter much at all.

Now on to the Bills game and some of the controversies that resulted in their 35-34 loss to Tennessee:

No. 1: Why didn’t Bills Coach Chan Gailey go for two points after Buffalo scored the touchdown to take a 34-28 lead with seconds left in the third quarter. Good question. Amazingly, it wasn’t even addressed before or immediately afterwards by CBS play-by-play man Marv Albert and analyst Rich Gannon. They just assumed that was normal procedure with a full quarter left. Gailey might have thought that two Titans field goals could have given Tennessee a 34-33 win if the two-point conversion had failed. But not all coaches feel that way. In the Sunday Night Football game, Pittsburgh Coach Mike Tomlin went for a two-point conversion before halftime when trailing Cincinnati, 14-12, and it succeeded to tie the score. I would have tended to go for it if I had been Gailey because the last thing you want to do is lose by a point because you didn’t have the confidence in your quarterback to go for two.

The second controversy concerned the late interception by Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick before the Titans winning touchdown drive. Gannon, who had sung Fitzpatrick’s praises throughout the game,  rightly called it a very poor throw. The Twitter universe killed the quarterback. It should be pointed out the Bills scored 34 points and the defense had a chance to stop the Titans on their final drive and failed to collect a fumble and a sure interception. Fitzpatrick hardly was the only one to blame for the defeat or even the primary one to blame. But Twitter isn’t known to be fair. Ask President Obama.

Finally, Twitter also was where I first read that Ed Drantch is replacing Joe Arena as the co-host of Channel 4’s “Wake Up” alongside Nalina Shapiro. Drantch announced it Sunday on the social network. I had heard and reported that he and Anthony Congi appeared to be the frontrunners for the job, but I will say I thought Congi was the more logical choice. I’m also not sure if Drantch is the permanent answer, though his Twitter post seemed to suggest the job is his for now.


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10 responses to "Twitter Is Source for Debate Reviews and News About Ch.4"

  1. Ian says:

    Really surprised at the choice for the WakeUp team over at Ch. 4. I thought Emily Guggenmos earned the job. Guess I’ll stick with Channel 2.

  2. Rob says:

    Some thoughts while wondering what happened to Vince Ferragamo…

    Twitter by far is the king of social media. Bills fans on Twitter should know since the draft pick of Gilmore in the 1st rd. came out minutes before ESPN and the NFL Network, or even the Bills official announcement for that matter.

    In today’s media all networks will declare a winner for one side or the other. Declaring a winner makes for better drama which is what all those cable networks are about. I also wonder how important this 3rd debate really is. I’ll bet it’s the lowest rated of the three and won’t create a bounce for either candidate. Obama got no bounce after the 2nd one and the only reason Romney got one after the 1st is because he didn’t come off as this monster the Democrats have been portraying.

    Were these comments short enough for the ADD followers??

    • Doug says:

      Yea, the comments were short enough. I have no problem reading longer comments if they are interesting. Too often, that would exclude you though, sorry.

  3. Bill J. says:

    Hard to believe that channel 4 keeps putting Nalina Shapiro behind the desk. Guggenmos was much better, and she didn’t stumble over words, Shapiro has not gotten any better since she arrived. Ed drantch is another odd choice, Anthony Congi has much more appeal to him. Again, the decisions on ch 4 leave me scratching my head. Looks like I am here to stay ch 2

  4. Tina says:

    Nalina was terrible this morning. She stammered and stumbled and it makes it very difficult to listen to. Anthony Conji seems like the more obvious choice but I am not sure if his personality is spontaneous and out going enough to hold an audience for the Wake-up show.

    As for MSNBC I will give them credit for admitting when the President doesn’t perform well like Matthews did after the first the debate. Fox would do what they do and make up a lie and say he did great or blame it on the moderator if their candidate didn’t do well.

  5. Garth Jensen says:

    I actually liked Ed Drantch a lot on Wake Up this morning! I think he has a bubbly energy that is well suited to a morning show and did a good job delivering the stories. Everyone else also seemed more energetic from his presence, so it will be interesting to see how the new team progresses from here.

  6. Tom W. says:

    I actually like Ed Drantch and think that he would be a good choice for the mornings. Nothing against Anthony Congi- he does a solid job. But during the week, Drantch seems to have more of a personality.

    I have to agree with what everyone else has said about Nalina Shapiro getting the morning slot. Why?? Emily Guggenmos is easily 100% better. Her and Ed Drantch would have made the better team.

  7. Mary says:

    Huge disappointment that Nalina Shapiro will be behind the desk rather than Emily Guggenmous! Emily is 100% better and has proved it over the last several weeks. I’m sure she is just as disappointed. I will keep watching Channel 2, thank you.

  8. Tom W. says:

    Even worse is that they already tried Nalina on weekends and she failed, being replaced by Lou Raguse. I don’t get how she will be 100% better now compared to about 6 months ago when she was pulled from weekends.

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