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Voting for Dumbest Political Ad and Poll

Bob Schieffer, chief Washington correspondent ...

Bob Schieffer: Final Debate Moderator

This is what I’m thinking:

What’s your vote for the dumbest local political ad?

The top candidates are the three wishes ad that a Republican super pac is running against Congresswoman Kathy Hochul and a Democratic ad that puts a mask on her opponent Chris Collins and accuses of him doing something awful.

It is too close to call. My biggest wish is all the silly ads in the Hochul-Collins race that insult the intelligence of voters would go away.

ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” duo of Tony Kornhesier and Michael Wilbon gave a nice shout-out to Bills Owner Ralph Wilson Wednesday on his 94th birthday. Wilbon also noted that he saved a complimentary note that Wilson sent him after one column.

I had to laugh when I read the Thursday story in the Buffalo News about third parties like PBS and AARP wanting to stay out of the political races. The ad quoted PBS president and chief executive Paul Kerger. It was a funny typo because the PBS head is named Paula Kerger. She probably even should be in one of Mitt Romney’s binders of women if he were elected President.

Boy, have times changed since I was a kid. It was amused to read all the post-debate criticism of the choice of Hofstra University in Nassau County as the host area for Wednesday’s town hall presidential debate because it is such an obvious liberal area and the format involved questions from supposedly undecided voters. When I lived in Nassau County in my childhood, it was Republican country. It has gone Democratic in recent presidential elections, but reportedly in 2011 its county executive, its comptroller and all of its state senators were Republicans so I’d hardly call it a liberal stronghold.

Long Island also has one Republican Congressman, Peter King, who on CNN Wednesday called President Obama’s conduct after the assault on Benghazi “shameful.” That would be true if King had any evidence that the administration was covering anything up. But since he didn’t, his accusations based on speculation were “shameful.”

I wasn’t impressed with the second episode of ABC’s “Nashville,” which is a local DVR hit. The much-praised premiere of Connie Britton’s show had a 5.5 live rating on Channel 7 that ballooned to an 8.7 after secondary viewing over seven days was added.

I wondered why CBS’ Bob Schieffer hadn’t been a part of the network’s post-debate analysis for the first three debates – two presidential and one vice presidential. But then I read Thursday that he asked off analysis because he is going to be the moderator on the third presidential debate Monday. Now that’s a principled man. Too bad he isn’t running for something.

The landslide winner of the dumbest political poll goes to WBEN. I read somewhere on a social network that the WBEN poll of who won the second presidential debate scored it 92 percent for Romney and 8 percent for Obama. The station’s website reports a text poll had 135 voting for Romney and 13 for Obama. What a shocker – the audience for a right wing radio station that carries Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Tom Bauerle and Sandy Beach thought their guy won even though most non-partisan polls thought the President was the winner. If I worked at WBEN, I’d be embarrassed.

I’m really enjoying John Murphy’s WGR radio show on the Bills when I’m in my car at night. But after he effusively praised CBS analyst Rich Gannon Wednesday night, I had to wonder when Murphy hears Gannon call games and how often. After all, Murphy is pretty busy on Sunday afternoons calling Bills games on radio when Gannon is working on CBS. Perhaps Murphy hears Gannon occasionally when watching tapes preparing for the next Bills opponent. Gannon is working Sunday’s Bills games against Tennessee alongside Marv Albert, who hardly distinguished himself on Bills games last season.


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9 responses to "Voting for Dumbest Political Ad and Poll"

  1. Rob says:

    Some thoughts while wondering what Chris Lee is up to:

    The dumbest political ad is in fact the anti-Hochul one. I’m stunned that supposed smart people actually review these and give it the thumbs up to air. The anti-Collins one that is a distant second is the one where he’s accused of giving his buddies job. At least somebody is hiring!

    The Liberal chant against Nassau County is being done by lazy pundits and journalists who think all of NYS is Democratic because of who we’ve supported nationally and as our Senate Representatives.

    Kings comments are premature but your Democratic buddies do at as well Alan-D. Remember WMD and all those loony Libs saying Bush lied, even though he had the same data as what Clinton had during his last term, Tony Blair and countless others? Be fair Alan, be fair…

    Good for Bob Schieffer who is part of a dying breed of people who still believe in the ethics of journalism. He was part of the day when there was a clear line in the sand on what was news, what was sensationalized and what was tabloid. The lines have been blurry for 20yrs

    All those online poll are silly and specific to WBEN it’s a shame because that station was the “go to” place at the time for news back in the day. That station and GR could use some competition.

    One of the biggest downers of Bills football this past decade is the worse the team is goes in direct proportion with the quality of announcers. Remember Beasley Reece??

    John Murphy is one of the best sports guys we have but I wished he was on mid-afternoon at the expense of another guy who sounds like him but lacks any connection with listeners. Alan did a nice job writing about it earlier this week.

    • “The Liberal chant against Nassau County is being done by lazy pundits and journalists who think all of NYS is Democratic because of who we’ve supported nationally and as our Senate Representatives.”

      Or you could just look things up on Wikipedia and see the results of the elections the past five cycles there:

      Clinton, Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Obama. Five straight Democratic Presidential picks. Like Pennsylania, which is also portrayed as a swing state when it isn’t anymore (all the red parts are bleeding people worse than WNY), it is solid Dem territory in regard to national elections now.

      Besides, New York’s actual votes, in the end, don’t count at all because there are too many Democrats to make it competitive. Once polls close, it’ll immediately be “projected” as an Obama win.

      Now, it’d be different if it were an actual swing county (our own Chautauqua County is an example), but Nassau County isn’t. Yes, it will sometimes pick GOP members for state and local races, but this isn’t a state or local race; this is for President of the United States, and in that regard, it’s a Democratic stronghold.

      • alanp says:

        Sometimes? All nine state senators are Republicans as is the county executive and comptroller. It appears Nassau County residents would be willing to vote for a GOP presidential candidate if those running were more moderate on social issues than they have been.

  2. Doug says:

    Guys, shorten up your comments a little and more people will read them.

  3. GMan says:

    Heard the interview on Fitz on Murph’s show. I think Murph has lost his credibility . He’s nothing but an infomercial for the Bills. He praises everyone in the Bills organization,especially Nix & Gailey. If I were Rich Gannon’s employer, I would send him for a drug screen ASAP. What film is he watching? The kid playing in the playground near me has a better arm than Fitz. He’s a 2nd/ 3rd string QB at best.And then there’s Marv( and it counts) Albert. Now this game is truly unwatchable. Now I have to”turn down the sound” and listen to Murph. What a vicious cycle.!

  4. Bob says:

    Most of the “Polls” on WBEN are a joke, I guess they feel the need to have one every day whether there’s a relevant question or not. That also goes for their need to have a “Live Line Interview” in certain time slots, sometimes they are ridiculous.

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