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Talkin “Men,” “Homeland” and Radford

This is what I’m thinking:

Angus T. Jones – the Half in “Two and a Half Men” — may have overstated it slightly this week by setting off a media storm by calling the CBS series “filth.”

I’d say sophomoric and crude is more like it. The 19-year-old Jones, who apparently has found religion, should realize his peers flock to movie theaters to see comedies that are far worse in content.

“Two and a Half” has been one of the more popular comedies locally and nationally for years, which I suppose says a lot about America’s tolerance for double entendres and belies the idea that the country has conservative values.

The popularity of “Two and a Half” freed comedies that followed it in the past decade to further move the line of what is acceptable in prime time. Now just about anything goes.

I’ve never been a fan of “Two and a Half,” but I’ve never been offended because CBS carried it after 9 p.m. Eastern time until this season, when it moved it to 8:30 p.m. Thursday. I also did some local research at one point and learned the program doesn’t have much of a viewership among children.

However, I do find it unfortunate that reruns of the show air at 11 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 4 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. weekdays on FX, Fox’s cable entertainment channel. The afternoon episodes air when young kids are home from school and can watch it. Of course, basic cable isn’t regulated by the FCC so FX can carry it whenever it wants to.

Claire Danes: The Crying Game

Searching for an alternative to all the Christmas music playing on radio? I accidentally found that 1230 AM “The Breeze’’ isn’t celebrating Christmas early. “The Breeze” — which also is carried on 102.9 FM – surely is a better alternative than listening to WBEN’s talk shows. I’ve also spent more time listening to 92.9 FM, which isn’t part of the Christmas rush.

I get ideas from strange places. On Thursday, I had my annual checkup with my doctor and we proceeded to talk about TV after my blood pressure was taken. My doc and I both are fans of Showtime’s “Homeland.” But we agreed that we haven’t been able to watch it the same way after “Saturday Night Live” did a dead-on parody a few weeks ago. The parody illustrated all the different ways that Claire Danes cries or gets emotional while playing Carrie, the heroine who knew Brody (Damian Lewis) was a terrorist before everyone else in the CIA. Every time Carrie cries now, it is hard to suppress laughter.

What’s wrong with this picture? While Jodi Johnston got three days to say goodbye on Channel 2’s “Daybreak,” Channel 7 anchor Keith Radford quietly celebrated his 25th anniversary on the station during the November sweeps. If you want to learn more about Radford and his career, pick up a copy of the current edition of Buffalo Spree. My monthly feature is about him and has the headline: “After twenty-five years, WKBW’s Radford remains the king of calm.”

Finally, my blood pressure is really good. Thought you may like to know. However, it does go up a little bit when I read the spin of local TV executives and it isn’t put in perspective by other media outlets.


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6 responses to "Talkin “Men,” “Homeland” and Radford"

  1. Doug says:

    How much money does Radford make anyway?

  2. Steve says:

    Doug…lol…does he look like his agent? What do you make?

  3. Rob says:

    Back when he was at the News,Alan had a column that Radford had taken a pay cut during one of his contract negotiations but no dollar figure.

    Alan; glad to hear the blood pressure is normal. Imaging what you blood pressure would have been in Romney had won!

  4. jimd says:

    I’m still honked off at 1230 am. I think Mr Green pulled the plug too early on Brad Riter and the rest of the bunch. This area has a crying need for an alternative to the WBEN insanity. I love local talk radio but I just can’t listen to the jugheads WBEN trots out every day.

    • The problem with Brad and Nick Mendola was simply a lack of listenership. Spoken-word programming, unless you’re a heritage news/talker, almost never sells, and it certainly doesn’t sell to the younger demographics. Pretty much every young-skewing talker I’ve ever seen has done horribly in the ratings. Besides, Brad and Nick were sports-talkers, and WECK didn’t have the Bills or the Sabres (the two big names in town), and I doubt they would’ve been able to make a play for them even if they had survived up to this fall. Yes, they had the Yankees– 400 miles away. They still have UB, but college talk really only works in the South. (That would be novel… now that CJRN’s toast, Canisius rights were up for grabs, and like WLVL they could also do HS sports.) But I’m rambling again…

  5. Tina says:

    I have never watched Two and a Half Men but reruns are on after my beloved Judge Judy every night. Of course my husband keeps it on and seems to enjoy the parade of lovely young ladies prancing around in their bras and panties and i can usually hear the vague but obvious innuendos about body parts and sex. I really do think it is too raunchy for a 7 o’clock time slot and the Jones boy does have a point. I can’t completely disagree with him but then again if you don’t like it don’t watch it.

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