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Catching Up With What WNY Watches

With the New Year approaching, it is time to empty my notebook.

I never got around to noting what network programs were the most popular in Western New York during the November sweeps.

Some of the area’s likes and dislikes may surprise you.

Patrick Dempsey: Still McDreamy Ratings Here

As usual, CBS – which is Channel 4’s network and usually appeals to more traditional viewers (translation: older ones) – dominated the Top 25. It had 18 of the Top 25 programs watched by Western New Yorkers live and up to seven days after the programs aired.

More than 20 network programs averaged double-digit ratings, which doesn’t happen in too many places nationally.

Fox, which generally appeals to younger viewers that are harder to find here, didn’t have one of the Top 25. Its top-rated series was “Bones,” which was the 45th-highest rated show here.

Here is the Top 10 in WNY for November:  1. “The Big Bang Theory” 2. “NCIS” 3. “Two and a Half Men” 4. “Person of Interest” 5. “Revolution” 6. “Criminal Minds” 7. “Grey’s Anatomy” and “NCIS: Los Angeles” (tied) 9. “Vegas” 10. “Modern Family.”

The list is interesting. The third-place finish of “Two and a Half Men,” which many people think should have been canceled after Charlie Sheen went off the deep end, explains why it is continuing with Ashton Kutcher.

It was a little surprising to see CBS’ “Person of Interest” do so well and to see ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” with Patrick Dempsey age so well locally. The success of ABC’s “Modern Family,” which increases local viewership annually, is encouraging since it is a terrific show that hasn’t lost a step.

One surprise considering how much this area loves football is that NBC’s Sunday Night Football” finishes outside the Top 10 at No. 13. That’s probably because local viewers have had enough of football by 8:20 p.m. when the games start and don’t want to stay up close to midnight to see them end. In addition, Sunday night programming on cable is a bigger draw that usual.

Here are some notable things to cull from the November results:

Three new series – NBC’s “Revolution” and CBS’ “Vegas” and “Elementary”–  hit the Top 20 in a season full of mostly forgettable series.

The CBS comedy “Mike & Molly” remains just inside the top 25. One of its co-stars, Emmy winner Melissa McCarthy, seems to be in just about every movie comedy being previewed in theaters, which should help the show down the road.

Plenty of people still watch “Survivor.” Beats me why it remains in the Top 20.

ABC’sDancing with the Stars” is losing some of its local popularity, but remains a Top 15 show here. It just edged out NBC’s surging “The Voice” for 11th place in November.

In the big Sunday night head-to-head matchup, CBS’ “The Good Wife” with Julianna Margulies just edged out ABC’s overly-complicated guilty pleasure “Revenge” with Emily VanCamp. Of course, football overruns often mean “The Good Wife” runs at a different time than “Revenge.”

NBC’s “Parenthood,” which has become one of my favorite network series, doesn’t get much of a live audience here. But when you add in viewing up to seven days after it airs, it almost gets as many viewers as “The Good Wife” and “Revenge” and it gets more than ABC’s “Castle.”

In the head-to-head Wednesday night battle of new shows, NBC’s “Chicago Fire” finishes in the Top 30 and is more popular than ABC’s “Nashville,” which has slipped creatively since its exceptional pilot.

The most unfathomable result is the success of ABC’s dreadful alien comedy “Neighbors,” which gets the same rating as “Nashville.” All I can think of is a lot of aliens must have Nielsen meters. (This just in: Two readers quickly emailed me that they love the “Neighbors.”)

ABC’s “Happy Endings” and NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” tied with ratings about 60 percent lower than “Neighbors” and barely finish in the Top 60 despite some critical support.

If local viewers had voted on whether Simon Cowell’s “The X Factor” would get a third season, it would have been a goner. It finished No. 72 here with ratings in the 3s – which is less than a third of what NBC’s “The Voice” gets here. Fox has renewed it because of its demographics.

The CW has what amounts to a local prime time hit in “Arrow,” which almost gets as many viewers as Cowell’s show and finishes No. 80. And that’s an accomplishment for the mini network that airs locally on WNLO.

Not many local viewers care that Tina Fey’s “30 Rock” is finishing its run. It gets less viewers than “Arrow” here and finished in 86th place out of 99 shows being measured.

Among the biggest local losers is The CW’s “Gossip Girl” at No. 98. It reportedly also is in its final season, though few here really care anymore about the spoiled brats in it.

The 99th and last rated show is “America’s Top Model” on the CW, but I’m not sure what edition of the series was being measured. By any measure, it isn’t doing so hot here.


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