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Some Deadly “Homeland” Speculation


I was talking to a local television executive recently about the season finale of HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” when he practically stopped me in mid-sentence.

He had to stop watching the finale about halfway through it and didn’t want to know how the season ended. Then he gave some predictions about the fate of Bobby Cannavale’s incredibly violent and entertaining character Gyp and other characters on the show that were dead-on.

I bring this up because as a TV critic I no longer know how long I should wait after episodes air to reveal plot developments in my reviews near the end of seasons or even after them.

The brave new world of DVRs, DVDS, Netflix, Hulu, On Demand and other ways that people watch shows after they’ve been on their networks has changed my opinion. I stopped reading a local critic’s review of a recent episode of Showtime’s “Homeland” because I was behind in my own viewing and didn’t want to know what had already happened.

I also have stopped looking at Twitter on Sunday nights because some followers believe the world needs their instant reaction to every plot surprise that they reveal. That Twitter practice is more annoying than having someone in a movie theater keep their cell phones on during a movie.

Damian Lewis

Normally, I try and practice what I preach. Not today. I caught up with “Homeland” on Thursday night in preparation for this Sunday’s season finale, which wasn’t available for review.

So here’s a spoiler warning. If you don’t want to know what has already happened this season or what I think may happen Sunday, stop reading right now. (You can also stop reading if you haven’t seen “Homeland” and don’t care about what happens to CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) and the war hero- turned terrorist-turned-Congressman Brody (Damian Lewis) on Sunday).

In last Sunday’s semifinal episode, the Osama bin Laden of the show, Abu Nazir, was killed. After that high point, Brody and his knockout wife Jessie (Morena Baccarin) maturely talked about ending their marriage and then the congressman headed to Carrie’s residence.  It appeared they were going to profess their love for each once again. Meanwhile, a CIA operative who knows them both waited outside and planned to fulfill an order to kill Brody for his acts of domestic terrorism.

The scene reminded me of what Lewis had surprisingly suggested could happen in a recent appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime talk show. He actually suggested that a key character could be killed and didn’t appear to rule out the tortured guy he has played for two seasons and who earned him an Emmy in season one.

Since Showtime has already announced there will be a season three, I highly doubt that Brody is going to get killed. However, I do think the best creative decision would be to kill him and end the show. Only in America would TV make a show go beyond when it should die.   

The killing of Brody and “Homeland” is extremely unlikely to happen considering all the buzz and all the awards that the series based on an Israeli program has given Showtime. Its ratings are also on the upswing.  

So here are some of the possibilities that I think might happen.

* Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend), the CIA assassin, will get a last-minute call from the CIA telling him that the hit of Brody is off because Abu Nazir isn’t dead. The guy they killed actually was a body double for Nazir, who had plastic surgery to look like the terrorist. The real bad guy is back home in the Middle East plotting more trouble. I’m basing this on the fact that Saddam Hussein had a double (or maybe a few doubles).

* Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin), the CIA guy who is Carrie’s friend and is on the outs with CIA director David Estes (David Harewood), might be killed. I am speculating on this because Patinkin is known to get tired of working on series and he may want out since his character is on the outs and was diminished this season.

* Jess, Brody’s wife, will get killed by terrorists tied to Nazir. This would make Brody feel even more guilty about his reprehensible behavior than he already does. I’m basing this on a belief that there is no need for Jess to continue on the series if her marriage to Brody is over.

The last possibility is I’m all wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time. But if I’m right, remember you read it here first (if you got that far).

If you have some better theories, feel free to share.


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2 responses to "Some Deadly “Homeland” Speculation"

  1. Jack says:

    I feel the Quinn and Jess characters are so supporting in nature that either of those scenarios could easily happen and it not be surprising. Thus, I couldn’t count either of those possibilities as clairvoyant. Saul getting killed would surprise me because I think he is crucial to the show’s success. I think Patinkin plays the role beautifully, and losing him would really hurt the show, at least for me. I just don’t feel they’ll do that, assuming Patinkin wants to remain. I’m betting on your last possibility…respectfully, that you’re “all wrong.” From the beginning, this show has done nothing but surprise me, and I think it will continue with something no one expects. I hope it does, anyway.

  2. James says:

    I think that your speculations might have merit.
    When I saw the Nazir in the US, he looked slightly different (besides not wearing his glasses) and everyone was perplexed as to how he entered the US, so a body double would not be far fetched.
    If the real Nazir is still alive, then they would hold off killing Brody, because they did not want to kill him unless Nazir was dead, and he can be useful in gathering further intelligence for future plots.
    Saul being killed is a possibility, because he was behaving un-CIA like this season by telling the CIA head that he knew the VP had hired the drone attack that killed Nazir’s son and that the CIA head himself was plotting to assassinate Brody.
    Brody’s wife being killed would allow the writers to terminate his marriage easier and then send his kids to the proverbial “grandparents.” Unless they use her to marry her true love, who then begins to pursue seeking information on Brody – especially since he was suspicious about Brody and Brody practically confessed to Jess that he was trying to kill the VP when Carrie showed up at the house last season.
    Brody is free him to continue with his terrorist activities – could it be that he knew about the Nazir body double, but wanted Carrie to believe he loved her so much that he had to stop her from being killed by sending the serial # to stop the VP’s pacemaker, thereby fulfilling 3 goals – killing the VP for Nazir, making Carrie believe he loves her (not believable anyway) and now making her also a terrorist, because she knows that Brody and Nazir killed the VP and is withholding the information as a CIA agent. T
    Quinn might also actually be killed by Brody or by Carrie, who might try to stop him from killing Brody, as it appears that Saul tells her in the final episode that Brody is on the hit list.

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