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Spreading Some Holiday Cheer

It is time for some holiday cheers because even I have a soft spot at this time of year:

Happy anniversary to Channel 2’s Ed Kilgore somewhat prematurely. The sports anchor, who now only anchors during the 6 p.m. newscast, will be celebrating his 40thanniversary at the station during the first week of January.

Autumn Lewandowski

These should be happy days for meteorologist Autumn Lewandowski, who joined Channel 7 after being let go by Channel 2. I’m told she will become a full-timer at WKBW-TV in January. She has been a part-timer at Channel 2 and Channel 7, primarily working weekends.

Former Channel 4 meteorologist Lindsay Schwarzwaelder tells me that she is happy now that she goes by the name of Lindsay Riley in her new job at a Dallas station. In a Facebook message, she explained the name change this way: “Schwarzwaelder was too long for air so they asked if I could change it. I really had no problems with it and figured it would happen some point in my career. Riley is my mother’s maiden name… So I have a connection to the name, which I am happy about.”

I’m happy to see that Melissa Holmes got her dream job as the co-anchor of Channel 2’s “Daybreak.” With the wakeup call of about 3 a.m., she probably won’t have much time for dreaming anymore.

I’m happy to see The Buffalo News finally got around Thursday to reporting that Texas anchor Jordan Williams is coming to Channel 4 to co-anchor “Wake Up!” Stilltalkintv reported Williams’ hiring three weeks ago. It was odd that Williams’ hiring three weeks ago was the lead in the News story and Holmes’ promotion on Wednesday was carried below it. After all, Holmes is a local product. Her husband, Jay Skurski, also is a Buffalo News sportswriter who covers the Buffalo Bills.

I was happy to see country star Tate Stevens win “The X Factor” Thursday night because he was one of the few singers on the show I saw this season. Here’s what I wrote on Sept. 20 after Stevens first wowed the judges: “At halftime of the ESPNU coverage of the University at Buffalo’s 23-7 loss to Kent State Wednesday night, I switched over to ‘The X Factor’ on Fox and think I caught this season’s Susan Boyle moment.

“That’s when 30something country singer Tate Stevens appeared and dazzled all the judges, including Britney Spears and L.A. Reid. I wish I had heard Simon Cowell’s review, but he wasn’t judging the first hour.

“The first words that Stevens sang established him as one of the contestants to beat. When the judges said ‘you are a country star,’ I couldn’t agree more. He also was very funny.

“But he probably won’t be enough for me to watch again for a while. Wake me up when it is near the end of the “X Factor” season.”

I woke up Thursday at the very end.

I’m happy for all of the fans of NBC’s “The Voice” this season who enjoyed the singing competition. I’ve probably watched a half hour all season, including the final 10 minutes Tuesday night in which the winner was declared. Maybe I’m being unfair, but when I looked at the final three candidates before the winner was announced I figured that Cassadee Pope had to win just by her appearance. The beautiful singer is the show’s first female winner.

I’m happy to read in a Facebook message that former Channel 4 marketing man Dan Meyers is taking his release a week before Christmas after 25 years at the station so well. Meyers wrote me nothing but positive things about Channel 4 and General Manager Chris Musial. He even totally understood the timing of his release. It was a classy way to go. However, somehow the cynic in me wonders if he signed a confidentially statement that explains all the positives.

I’m glad to see The Buffalo News is heavily promoting “The Bucky and Sully Show” inside its pages. Another edition of the online program is on the newspaper’s website this morning. However, as I wrote last week, the entertaining show in which sports columnists Bucky Gleason and Jerry Sullivan try to be the bigger wise guy (the much-meaner Gleason won in the program I watched because Sullivan actually has a soft heart) needs to get more awareness and promos outside the paper. For example, The New York Times promotes its staff members with a program carried on Time Warner Cable downstate. By the way, my article on Sullivan appears in the January edition of Buffalo Spree magazine. I think you will find out some surprising things about the hard-hitting columnist. For example, he cries a lot.



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8 responses to "Spreading Some Holiday Cheer"

  1. Barb says:

    Good for Autumn. Who is she replacing?

  2. Tina says:

    I love Autumn! She is a nice addition to Channel 7 and their weather team.

  3. If Jodi Johnston got a month long send off having worked only 12 years at WGRZ then Ed Kilgore will have to stay an extra year or two at the station to get in his farewell tour!

  4. Just wanted to say I totally enjoyed reading Ed Kilgore’s book. If you are a Buffalo sports nut it is a must read!! Great job Ed.

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