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Ch.4′s Segal Could Be Next to Leave


Is Channel 4 meteorologist Amelia Segal the next to leave the morning program of the CBS affiliate?

According to sources, Segal was all set to leave late in December for a job in a much bigger market — Washington, D.C. — but wasn’t allowed out of her contract by News Director Joe Schlaerth.

Channel 4 insiders suggest that Segal’s contract expires in March, when she might leave anyway after three years at the station. That might depend on whether she gets another offer from a bigger market or if the one she had last month is still available.

Amelia Segal

Amelia Segal

Segal, who has been off this week, was unavailable for comment.

Schlaerth is increasingly unpopular inside the newsroom for decisions like this but you can understand somewhat why he didn’t want to lose Segal, who apparently didn’t have an out in her contract if she got a major market offer. And why would she? She is pretty young to get such a great offer.

Why would Schlaerth refuse to let her go and advance her career? She is the meteorologist on “Wake Up!,” which lost co-anchors Victoria Hong and Joe Arena to other jobs in the last six months and is now co-anchored by Diana Fairbanks and newcomer Jordan Williams.

The loss of Segal would have further emphasized the instability inside Channel 4 and “Wake Up!,” which is now well behind Channel 2’s “Daybreak” in the morning news race.

Inquiring minds want to know – what happened to the Sabres HD telecasts on Channel 700? A Time Warner spokesperson told me that the Sabres no longer need their own HD channel because all their games are available in HD on MSG HD, NBC HD and NBC Sports Network HD.

So Notre Dame linebacker Manti T’eo picked Katie Couric to interview him on a show that airs at 4 p.m. today on Channel 7 to explain the hoax involving his imaginary dead girlfriend. I imagine the interview will draw some Buffalo Bills fans (in some mock drafts, the Bills select T’eo with the eighth pick) to Couric’s daytime show, which has been as big a loser for Channel 7 as Notre Dame was in the bowl game with Alabama for the national title. The best T’eo joke I’ve heard lately is that he was an “imaginary linebacker” in the Notre Dame loss because he played so poorly.

Inquiring minds want to know: How did two new series, “The Following” on Fox and “The Carrie Diaries,” on the CW fare locally Monday. “The Following” had a healthy 6.2 rating on WUTV, but the rating for the gruesome, violent and scary pilot dropped significantly at the end of the hour. And that is never a good sign. “Carrie,” the prequel to “Sex and the City,” had a 1.2 rating on WNLO-TV, the local CW affiliate that doesn’t do very well here in prime time.

Meanwhile, two network comedies bit the dust Wednesday when Fox announced it was dropping low-rated “Ben and Kate” and ABC announced it was putting “Don’t Trust the B—- in “Apartment 23″ on the shelf. The networks are expected to burn off the remaining episodes of both shows some time later, perhaps in the summer.


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16 responses to "Ch.4′s Segal Could Be Next to Leave"

  1. Tina says:

    Yay! Now bring Mike back to the morning.Channel 4 deserves whatever misery that they are feeling right now. How long did they really think Amelia was going to stay for?
    Well, you know what the say about karma.

  2. gary b says:

    I for one, will not miss Amelia Segal. I hope Lauren Brill is next, but I can’t see her getting any opportunities elsewhere.

  3. True story: when I first got out of college, the first place I applied for work was a station in Erie. (Actually both of the two station groups had vacancies in that market, which encouraged me– perhaps a bit more than I should have considering my lack of success in the years that followed.) I lost out on that job to Amelia.

    I wish her the best of luck.

  4. mike says:

    Amelia is so much better than creepy Mike. Just goes to show that most of your taste is in your mouth, major markets want this lovely creature. When will you write about YNN?

  5. Steve says:

    I would suggest some of these posters get themselves a new pair of specs. Theres a place where you can buy one pair and get one free. Maybe you guys can pair up! She was a true makeover. If we are talking weather knowledge, which I beleive is the purpose of TV weather, I would take Mike hands down (without the chaps).

  6. Tina says:

    I’m with you Steve. I have nothing at all against Amelia. She is attractive and very good at what she does but I just don’t think you can replace years of experience quite that easily. The whole chaps/motorcycle scenario is one I would like to forget though.

  7. Scott says:

    What a ridiculous makeover. IVB has become the most boring morning show, and the last thing I need in the morning is boring. At least with Amelia, Nalina and Ed there was some personality, laughter and smiles. Diane and Jordan put me back to sleep – it would not matter who was doing the weather with them. Even Channel 7 has more personality in the morning. Amelia, the best of luck to you. If you leave, you’re better off.

  8. Tom W. says:

    If Amelia decides to leave, I wish her the best. The direction that WIVB has gone the past few years, it’s not going to get better unless they change management. This means Musial and Schlareth need to go.

    WIVB is also going to have increased challenges from WGRZ as they are debuting new graphics and music for their shows by the end of the 1st quarter in 2013. The way to describe the new look is Canadian station CBC meets USA Today. The new graphics streamline the current rundown, ticker, and story headlines into one block at the bottom of the screen. It will use the full widescreen and will easily give WIVB a run for its money for the best look in the Buffalo market.

    New graphic opening for WKYC (sister station to WGRZ in Cleveland): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sw8gMuFSms&list=FLzUJWwzVHqyslFXdFn8A5Wg&index=2

    Photos of new graphics for WTSP (sister station to WGRZ in Tampa): http://www.newscaststudio.com/graphics/wtsp2

  9. trapper says:

    So, Alan, a member of your so-called “kiddie corps” has been offered a much bigger opportunity? Ms. Segal was too young and inexperienced (what else could “kiddie corps” mean?) for Buffalo, NY but not evidently for the MUCH bigger Washington, D.C.? Care to revise your evaluation?

    WIVB deserves to lose her. They are making mistake after mistake. Fairbanks, their best talent by far, should never have been moved to the mornings. She is a fish out of water. And pairing her with the new (and bland) Jordan Williams will not help them catch WGRZ. Move Fairbanks back to nights.

    And I agree with the comment above. They should have kept Nalina and Drantch, with Segal, and let them build an audience. They had good chemistry and, by the way, were all good at their jobs. Constantly changing the lineups will not work.

    I wish Ms. Segal good luck when she goes. And she will go. And Ms. Shapiro will soon follow. If their talent is not recognized here, why should they stay? Young and pretty is all well and fine. But, young and pretty coupled with talent is a winning mix in ANY television market. Too bad they don’t see it at WIVB.

    They are well on the way to number 3 in this market, and it’s all their own fault.

    • Drewbert says:

      I agree trapper, WIVB is on a crash and burn path.

    • Scott says:

      trapper – you are correct. Channel 4 has too much talent that they are letting go to waste. Of course, Channel 2 has let some good talent get away from them as well. I used to love their morning show when it was Pete, Jodi and Chesley. When Chesley left and they moved Pete and brought in the screamer Beard, they lost me. But now they are the best game in town. Channel 7 could have a real opportunity here, but they will probably waste it.

    • Channel 4 doesn’t have to worry about that any time soon. 7′s still not gaining traction, Fox 29 still refuses to carry news, and WBBZ is still years away from being a contender.

      Basically they’ll stay firmly in second for the next several years, and no lower, as long as CBS stays at or near the top of the national ratings (lead-ins still matter).

  10. Steve says:

    Young, pretty and talent? I’ll give them one of those three descriptions but please not all three. You write as though they are ready for network news. Do you by chance travel to similiar sized or a little larger markets at all? Checkout the talent. Schools are pumping them out in droves. Don’t get caught up with whats going on in Buffalo. Its happening every where!

  11. Scott says:

    I think Lindy Ruff should work for WIVB. After all, he is constantly juggling his line-up, he leaves his best players out of the game, and he keeps playing some of the older players even after their time seems to have past.

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