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Stargazing One More Time by Popular Demand


PASADENA, Calif. — Back by popular demand, stargazing with my Beautiful Girlfriend Patricia (BGFP).

OK, maybe just a couple of her friends and family members wanted me to blog about the sequel to the Fox party a few days ago and get my BGFP’s take on the ABC party here.

The ground rules for the sequel — let’s call it BGFP2 — were the same as for the earlier Fox party. BGFP would stay until she saw 10 people she recognized and I would interview some of the people she spotted or was interested in.

Toks Olagundoye

Toks Olagundoye

BGFP first sighted (No. 1) Nick Wechsler — Jack from “Revenge” — and was disappointed in the guy that Emily Thorne (Emily Vancamp) originally pined for. “He is a letdown in real life,” said BGFP. “Short and not cute. Jack looks way better on TV.”

BGFP then spotted two of “The Neighbors” though she didn’t know their names. But if you read the previous blog you know that BGFP isn’t big on names. Truth be told, I didn’t know their names, either, because my instant review of “The Neighbors” was that it was stupid and I didn’t bothered to learn their names. A couple of my blog readers strongly disagreed.

In any event, I sure wanted to know the woman that BGFP pronounced the prettiest in the room.

So I looked the cast up and learned I couldn’t properly pronounce the name of the the woman playing Jackie Joynee-Kersee on “The Neighbors” without a little help. Her name is (No.2) Toks Olagundoye. “She is a runway model,” said my fashion consultant, BGFP. “Really short sequined dress.”

After BGFP hit her quota and left the party, I told Toks that she earned BGFP’s approval. The actress has a British accent and told me she was originally from Nigeria. I thought she was out of this world.

Then I went up to another one of “The Neighbors” spotted by BGFP. He plays Marty Weaver and his name is (No.3) Lenny Verito. The character actor acknowledged that in the past he would have been the one playing the alien rather than the normal guy living among all the aliens.

BGFP then spotted the brother from “Everyone Loves Raymond,” who the show’s fans know as (No. 4) Brad Garrett. He stars in the upcoming ABC comedy “How to Live With Your Parents.” “He is quite dashing in the flesh,” pronounced BGFP. Hmm. When is the last time you heard anyone referred to as dashing. “He is talllll!” she added. “His voice is funny. He has long graying hair and a beard. Dresses well.”

Then BGFP found a candidate to unseat No. 2 Toks Olagundoge as the prettiest at the party. It was (No.5) Jeri Ryan, who is currently in ABC’s “Body of Proof” but who BGFP recognized from “Boston Public.” “Very glam in a black halter dress,” noted BGFP. “She is the belle of the ball. Great blonde hair. Lots of confidence because she attracted a group of men and all eyes were on her. Sort of Scarlet O’Haraish.”

Frankly, my dear wasn’t done yet. She spotted (6) Reba McEntire of “Malibu County” in front of us before I did. “She seems nice,” noted BGFP. “She’s wearing pants and a dull green sweater.”

Then BGFP’s eyes hit “the handsome guy” in “Nashville.” No. 7 was Charles Esten, who plays Deacon Claybourne. “He is there with a pretty girlfriend,” guessed BGFP. “She smiles a lot. I like them.”

Since I was a little tired of all the walking around, we sat down for a second and BGFP immediately spotted (No.8) Lily Tomlin of “Malibu County” being interviewed as she sat across from us. “She is gabbing a mile a minute and laughs a lot,” said BGFP. “Seems very likable.”

Then I spotted two docs from “ER”— (No.9) Goran Visnjic and (No.10) Anthony Edwards, who are starring in new ABC spring series.  BGFP informed me she rarely watched “ER” and didn’t know who Goran was. I still date her. Happily. She thought Visnjic and Edwards “seemed very nice.”

“Edwards has on a great plaid wool jacket that I just love,” said BGFP.

After she left, I looked for Edwards, who played Dr. Mark Greene on “ER.” We talked for several minutes about his life after “ER” and why he decided to return to TV. BGFP was right. He is very nice. One of the things he has done since leaving “ER” was taking his wife and children around the world for a year.

You can expect more on Edwards in a future blog just before his series “The Zero Hour” premieres. This blog is all about BGFP’s party finale.

After she hit her quota of 10, BGFP was ready to leave and compare the parties. “Tonight wasn’t as thrilling but I did see lots of stars,” said BGFP.

Just as I predicted in an earlier blog, it hadn’t taken long for BGFP to almost become as jaded at meeting stars as her boyfriend the critic has after 30 years of attending these things.


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