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Top 10 List of Strange Happenings in Media World

This has been a strange, unusual and difficult year in the media business in many ways.

So let me count the ways. Here is my Top 10 list of some of the he strangest things that happened in 2012.

1.Channel 4’s Owner Measures Staff Unhappiness:  In late September, Channel 4’s owner, LIN TV, conducted focus groups to determine why staffers at the Buffalo station were among the most unhappy in its 30 stations. Many of the staffers’ anger was directed at News Director Joe Schlaerth, who was called a “bully.”

Anderson Cooper

2. CNN’s Anderson Cooper Disses Dyngus Day: Cooper’s laugh fit during a RidicuList segment about the holiday stirred up the local Polish community and led to a sort of apology from Cooper. He claimed he was laughing at his own behavior and not the holiday.

3. Kathy Hochul Runs Silly Ads: The much-maligned ads against her congressional opponent, Chris Collins, about his buying Buffalo China and the PAC ads about the size of his house may have cost her the election.

4. WGR’s Mike Schopp Advocates State Say No to Bills: A sports talk host, Schopp didn’t want the state to give the Bills a dime to keep the team, a stand that would have just about assured he would be talking about high school sports next season. But it wasn’t even his silliest stand this year.

5. Channel 4 Hires Husband and Wife Reporters: OK, it was more unusual than strange that Channel 4 hired anchor-reporters Lou Raguse and Emily Guggenmos, who are married to each other but have different last names. It wasn’t the first time a married couple worked at Channel 4. Years ago, Sue Serio and Bill Vargas worked together at the station. Of course, working at the same station at different times can mean you don’t see as much of each other as you’d like. But I’m told by a reader that Channel 4 was able to get Raguse and Guggenmos together on Christmas Eve by having them co-anchor that night. Good move.

6. Ch.4 Hires Lawyer with Vested Interest to Analyze Corasanti Case: Terry Connors is a terrific attorney and a terrific legal analyst. But there’s no way he should have been analyzing the trial of Dr. James Corasanti when he was the civil attorney in the lawsuit brought by the family of the young woman, Alexandria (Alix Rice), who was killed.

7. WBBZ’s Embarrassing Buffalo Night in America: I’m still trying to figure out the joke that Joey Reynolds tried to tell about South Buffalo girls during the July telecast, which was hampered by myriad technical issues as well.

8. Channel 2’s Maryalice Demler Gives Commentary: Channel 2 has had many smart ideas and innovations, but having one of is co-anchors give a commentary on the bullying of a bus aide wasn’t one of them. Thankfully, Demler hasn’t been asked to be Donn Esmonde since.

9. Clint and the Chair: Eastwood’s off-color dialogue with an empty chair where he pretended President Obama sat during the Republican Convention made the day of many Democrats who noted it took the attention away from Mitt Romney.

10. Jeremy Lin Saves TWC Subscribers: The Linsanity period of the New York Knicks last season helped end the Tri-State dispute between MSG and Time Warner that knocked the NBA team and the Buffalo Sabres off of local cable here. Who knew a year later that Lin would be playing in Houston, the Knicks would be good again and the Sabres wouldn’t be playing? Now that’s a hat trick for the RidicuList.



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5 responses to "Top 10 List of Strange Happenings in Media World"

  1. gary b says:

    I did not know about Mike Schopp’s stance on the Bills and the state. Now I hate him even more !!! How can this guy even work for the station that carries the Bills ? What an idiot.

  2. GManGschil says:

    Another strange happening is the interview done by WBBZ with Schopp & the Bulldog and Simon & White, true television worth missing. Where’s Arty, baby ,boo boo when you need him??? Now that was ” entertaining ” sports talk….. Just wondering, what ever happened to Doug Young??

    • Mike says:

      The ting tot of the kilowatt called into Sal and Howard’s extended coverage of Tuesday’s press conference. It was fun hearing Art, the first thing he did was take a shot at the long wait to get on the air.
      Schopp has to go. He doesn’t understand Buffalo and his personal crusades are so tired and played out. Not to mention he can’t ask a simple question or get to the point without an endless ramble.

  3. Chris says:

    I’m not a huge Schopp fan by any stretch, but is it really that unreasonable to say that a business worth almost a billion dollars that has huge positive operating cash flows shouldn’t get taxpayer money? So, we’re all in favor of corporate welfare for large, profitable companies?

    Alan – you said that this wasn’t even Schopp’s silliest stand last year, but it was #4 on your list and nothing relating to him was above it?

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