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Ch.2 Tries New, Late-Night Sketch Comedy


One has to admire Channel 2 for taking some chances with original local programming.

This is not a joke. I’m serious.

More than a year ago, Bill O’Loughlin got a shot with a late-night talk show dealing with politics and the economy that morphed into the daytime program “2 Sides,” first with O’Loughlin and now without him.

The station continues to have considerable success with Kevin LoVullo’s Saturday evening show, “Spiel the Wine.”

Channel 2 General Manager Jim Toellner reports that LoVullo’s show has almost five times as many viewers than the average prime time show on the Food Network. It averages more than a 2 rating, which is decent by Saturday night standards.

Toellner adds that “Spiel” gets almost 50 percent higher viewership than Bill O’Reilly’s nightly spiel on Fox News.

And tonight at 11:35 comes a new late-night comedy show on Channel 2, “In the Buff with Rob Lederman.”

Lederman is a local comedian who has had a successful career on local radio (97 Rock with Larry Norton) and running a local comedy club.

According to Toellner, Gary Pufpaff, who has had a cable access show for years, will be Lederman’s “Ed McMahon” in a show that will feature comedy sketches.

Toellner said Lederman came to him with the idea and that the show will get a 13-week run in a late-night slot after the local news and then “he’ll judge it.”

The time slot wouldn’t be available in the fall because NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” often runs until midnight and delays the late news until past midnight.

“In the Buff” is the kind of show that WBBZ Owner Phil Arno considered doing when he bought the independent station. Actually, all three of Channel 2’s original shows sound like ideas that Arno was considering.


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8 responses to "Ch.2 Tries New, Late-Night Sketch Comedy"

  1. Steve says:

    could the new start up station be putting a little fear into the boys over at channel 2? Rumour is 2 is watching them closely….paranoia!

  2. Rick Hy says:

    This morning on Good Morning America they did a lengthy report on Oscar Pitsoris and the death of his girl friend. Much of this was film from South Africa. There was a voice over reporter showing various film clips. At the end the reporter was thanked by name and it was Bazi Kanini.

  3. Craig K says:

    While I like the idea of a local comedy show, I would call the first episode sophomoric but that is an insult to sophomores everywhere.

  4. Steve says:

    Wow…if that show makes it I’d be shocked…that was some bad TV! How did it do in the ratings AP?

  5. GMan says:

    Trying to watch that program was painful at best. It should be canceled immediately. I can’t believe R L is a successful comedian with his own comedy shop. And the Puff? There’s a reason you’ve been gone from the local airwaves for awhile. To put it mildly, this production stinks. Get a day job.

  6. Wow,
    I watched this on DVR last night. It was flat out embarrassing. I was a 30 minute vehicle for RL to talk to people with his shirt off. What the hell was the point of a 7 minute segment of him talking to someone in a tanning booth in his boxers? And continually talking ABOUT his boxers. There was not a moment of that show that made me smirk let alone laugh. A nine minute segment of Puff getting one of his nostrils waxed? and at least 5 of those minutes were them sitting there waiting for the wax to set up. This was an example of watching paint dry perhaps being a better option.

  7. alanp says:

    Who are you responding to?

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