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“Dallas” Shooting, “Following” Escape and “Amazing” Shot Connection

This is what I’m thinking:

Who shot J.R. Monday night on TNT’s new version of “Dallas”?

Somehow, I doubt as many people care as did back in the day 33 years ago when the series was a Friday night hit on CBS.

The scenes that the late Larry Hagman phoned in about a mysterious plan during the episode seemed to be inserted without much context. It also appeared that J.R. might have known what was coming before he presumably got whacked.

Bacon, Purefoy

Bacon, Purefoy

Presumably, he is dead – unless it was a dream. Kidding. Next week’s episode might get more attention than Monday’s since it deals with J.R.’s funeral and possibly will address who is his assailant and why he was shot. As if we need a reason after all these years.

Boy has the Fox series “The Following” starring Kevin Bacon improved as the weeks have gone by. And you can’t say that about too many series this year. Monday’s episode had a “24”-like feel and featured a prison escape by mass murderer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) that should make subsequent episodes even scarier.

By the way, “The Following” is such a big hit – Fox says it is the No.3 drama of the season — that it is one of four series that Fox has picked up for another season. The others are “New Girl,” “The Mindy Project” and “Raising Hope.”

University at Buffalo basketball fans may remember Rasaun Young, who averaged more than 17 points a game. The name rang a bell when the NBC Nightly News ran a story Monday night about the incredible buzzer-beater by New Rochelle that beat Mt. Vernon over the weekend. Young, who is New Rochelle’s coach, was interviewed for the story.

ABC’sRed Widow,” which is based on a foreign series, received some of the most venomous reviews I’ve seen for any series this year. Sure, you have to suspend disbelief about the incredible plot in which a Bay Area drug dealer’s wife (played by beautiful Radha Mitchell) has to assist  a mobster (Goran Visnjic of “ER”) so her family can survive. But if viewers close their eyes to the stupidity and feast their eyes on the pretty co-stars they might enjoy it. By the way, Mitchell joins the numerous Australian actors and actresses who have made it to American TV. She’s a fresh face who has been in several low to mid-budget films.

“Widow” wasn’t a big hit locally. It averaged a 4.8 rating Sunday on Channel 7 and alarmingly slipped to a 3.6 by episode’s end. But nothing on broadcast TV did too well on Sunday. NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” opened with a 4.9 on Channel 2. “The Good Wife” (5.2) and “The Mentalist” (5.0) didn’t do much better on Channel 4, the CBS affiliate. Of course, all the programs competed with the Buffalo Sabres’ shootout loss to the New York Rangers. The game averaged an 11.5 rating, twice as high as any network prime time show. The Sabres win over New Jersey Saturday afternoon had a 10.1 rating.




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  1. Jamie says:

    Love the following. Kinda of hope for a jack Bauer appearance . Ha ha .”Filling some of the void left from 24 for me

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