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Ch.2 Plans Healthy Show

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Leftovers before the Christmas holiday:

* You’re probably going to eat badly over the holidays, but then you can turn to TV to find ways to recover.

Channel 2 is premiering a new daily local program, “The Healthy Zone,” at 11:30 a.m. Monday in partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Jim Toellner, the station’s president and general manager, describes the program “as kind of a Buffalo TV version of ‘Jack Lalanne’ meets ‘WebMD’ meets Healthy Cooking Magazine.”

Now if I could just remember what Jack Lalanne’s show was like and had read one copy of Healthy Cooking Magazine I might know what he means.

Janet Snyder, who already has a local morning radio show and anchors the taped Saturday morning “WNY Living,” is the host with Dr. Derek Alessi.

The show will deal with physical, emotional and financial health and wellness.

Since Blue Cross and Blue Shield is sponsoring it, the “The Healthy Zone” should help Channel 2’s financial health airing after its 11 a.m. newscast.

As part of the revised schedule, Channel 2′s “Lunch Time with the Classics” has been slimmed down from an hour to 30 minutes and now will only feature old comedies.

* Speaking of Channel 2, the news department is celebrating the recently-arrived demographics for the November sweeps that show it won or tied four of six news time slots with viewers age 18 through 49 and age 25 through 54 over household winner Channel 4.

Some of the wins are by margins that are so narrow it really is a statistical tie. But it does show that Channel 4’s news dominance could be in jeopardy, especially when the early news block lead-in from “Oprah” disappears after this season.

* One of the more interesting things to note from the demos concerns NBC’s “The Tonight Show.” While Jay Leno’s household ratings are 30 percent higher than Conan O’Brien’s were a year ago in Buffalo, O’Brien’s ratings in key demographics were significantly higher than Leno’s. That’s not a good sign for Leno. Since as Buffalo goes, the nation often goes, you have to wonder if the Leno for Conan switch was wise in the long-term.

* CBS has announced some programming moves in January that call into question the futures of two supposed new show hits – “(Bleep) My Father Says” with William Shatner (see above) and “The Defenders” with Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell.

Shatner’s show ends its first season run when “Rules of Engagement” gets the prized 8:30 p.m. Thursday slot after “The Big Bang Theory.”

“The Defenders” moves to 8 p.m. Friday, where shows often go to die. Tom Selleck’s “Blue Bloods” gets four weeks in the 10 p.m. Wednesday slot formerly occupied by “The Defenders.” “Blue Bloods” eventually is scheduled to return to its old 10 p.m. Friday slot.

My guess is if “Rules” does well, Shatner’s show will be history. And if Selleck’s show does well on Wednesday, “The Defenders” could be in trouble.

CBS also announced that it plans to premiere a “Criminal Minds” spinoff on Feb. 16 (when it replaces “Blue Bloods” on Wednesday), a comedy called “Mad Love” on Feb. 21 and a spy drama called “Chaos” on April 1.

* Time Warner subscribers who pay $5.95 monthly for the cable company’s “Sport Pass” that enables them to get the NHL Network will be able to see several games in the World Junior Championships from HSBC Arena over the next few weeks.

Most of the games involve the United States and Canadian teams.

The schedule includes Team USA’s games with Finland (8 p.m. Sunday) , Slovakia (8 p.m. Tuesday), Germany (7 p.m. Dec. 30) and Switzerland (8 p.m. New Year’s Eve).

The two semifinals will be carried on Jan. 3 and the bronze and gold medal games will be carried on Jan.5.


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3 Responses to “Ch.2 Plans Healthy Show”

  1. Patty Wolfsohn says:

    The show sucks. Janet has a really bad voice that gets more shrill the more excited she gets….same on her radio show….This is the 2nd show she has hosted at Ch. 2 and the 2nd flop…it is not good TV . Janet should stick with radio. I will not be watching this new show again..the first one did it for me

  2. Tom W. says:

    Actually this is the 4th show or segment that Janet has hosted at Ch. 2. The first which was “Your Today in WNUY” was cancelled in favor of a regular newscast. Second was a short-lived entertainment segment during the 5:30pm news weekdays where Janet was booted off the air within 2 months. Third is “WNY Living” which used to be hosted by weekend weather anchor Maria Genero. The fourth and newest, being “The Healthy Zone” with Dr. Derek Alessi was painful to watch. Janet needs to get out of Ch. 2 because as Patty mentions, the shill voice is irritating. It’s bad enough on radio and I don’t even listen to her anymore. Also, Dr. Alessi acts like he is perfect and never does anything wrong which is not a good image to see.

    A suggestion to Ch. 2 would be this:
    1) Get Maria Genero out of the Storm Team 2 lineup and add in Mary Beth Wrobel permanently (or at least have Genero take MB’s spot a fill-in.) Have Autumn do weekend mornings, Mary Beth do weekend nights, and I think that would be a good change.
    2) Have Maria Genero go back to hosting “WNY Living” and change up “The Healthy Zone” by adding her and some other doctor who is more personable as this would be a better fit.
    3) Fire Janet Snyder already.

  3. deborah schwartz says:

    Janet snyder was just on with a chicken recipe….
    The healthy zone channel 2 in Buffalo NY
    the oven fried chicken …..can’t find the recipe on the web stie

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